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Fraternal Order of Eagles

Upcoming Events

State Charity Fundraiser: Sis Chamberlain Leicester/Spencer Aerie 3PM
October 13, 2018

GWP Visitation:  GWP Carl Burnett from Clovis NM Meet & Greet Hudson Aerie #643 6PM November 9, 2018

State Pool: Gardner Aerie #747 November 10, 2018

State Outing: Buzzards Bay Aerie #3741 March 3, 2019

Candlepin Bowling: Worcester Aerie #4311 April 6, 2019

State Horseshoes: Rockland Aerie #841 May 18, 2019

Memorial Service:  Cathedral of the Pines May 19, 2018

State Golf: Leicester/Spencer Aerie #4541 June 1, 2019

State Convention 2019: Buzzards Bay Aerie #643 June 2019

State Ten Pin Bowling: Marlboro Aerie #3565 TBD

State Darts: Worcester Aerie #4311 TBD

State Corn Hole:  Leominster Aerie #477 TBD

State Softball: Southbridge Aerie #334 TBD

State Testimonials:

State Meetings


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